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Vehicle Maintenance

oil changes, air filter, fuel filter, inspect and rotate tires, exhaust system windshield wiper spray, wiper operation, exterior lamps, turn signals

Routine Maintenance - As Recommended by the Manufacturer

  • »Change engine oil and filter.
  • »Check and top off all fluids.
  • »Inspect or replace air filter and fuel filter.
  • »Inspect or replace cooling system and vacuum hoses.
  • »Inspect and rotate tires.
  • »Check and adjust air pressure in all tires, including spare.
  • »Visually inspect exhaust system.
  • »Check and adjust braking system.
  • »Test operation of horn, exterior lamps, turn signals and warning lights.
  • »Check windshield washer spray and wiper operation.
  • »Inspect shocks, struts and springs.

* See your owner's manual for additional maintenance.

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